Project Details

 The UYSSolutions project is being conducted as an IEA, under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. The project may also be subject to the requirements of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Guidance materials are available to assist in understanding the environmental assessment requirements under both the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

An Individual Environmental Assessment, or IEA, is a process used to determine the potential impacts a project may have on the environment so that the best possible decisions can be made before development or building takes place. Development in the form of intensification (more homes and people in an existing footprint) or new building in approved areas in York Region has already been mandated by the Ontario Places To Grow Act, 2005 and restricted/constrained by the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Act, the Greenbelt Act, and the Lake Simcoe Protection Act.The "environment" studied in this process includes not only the natural conditions of air, land, water, plant and animal life, and human beings, but also the social, economic, and cultural conditions that affect each of us and our community.

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York Region has retained a consortium of consultants, led by Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, to complete the requirements of the IEA process. Through the IEA process, all regulatory, alternatives evaluation, and public consultation requirements will be fulfilled. 

There will be ample opportunity for you to participate in the decision-making process at various points during the project by providing your suggestions, observations, and feedback to the project team through the community engagement programs. To find out more about community engagement, please visit our Community Engagement page. 

Documents produced as part of this project and previous reports related to this project will be stored when finalized and available under Library of Documents